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Unmasked - Character File Translations

Credits to debbiechan, Mz D, Ishida, czeliate, Annie, Estella May, JinxJen, SuirenShinju, kyomu_no_megane, Minerva at Bleach Asylum, slmcknett at Mangahelpers, blackjohn1991 at One Manga. Some parts are translated by me (Lumi). If you your name is missing from the credits, tell me and I'll add you.

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►Character Files
Battle Data
Special Program

Ulquiorra's Poem:
That which is unmasked,
Desire and nihility.
That which is lost,

Espada and Fraccion Names/Ranks:

Yammy Llargo 10 and 0
Coyote Starrk 1
Baraggan Louisenbairn 2
Tier Harribel 3
Ulquiorra Cifer 4
Nnoitra Gilga 5
Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez 6
Zommari Rureaux 7
Szayel Aporro Granz 8
Aaroniero Arruruerie 9
Luppi Antenor -- Former 6
Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck -- Former 3
Lilynette Gingerbuck 1
Dordoni Alessandro Del Socaccio 103
Cirucci Sanderwicci 105
Gantenbainne Mosqueda 107
Shawlong Koufang 11
Edrad Liones 13
Nakeem Grindina 14
Yylforte Granz 15
Di Roy Rinker 16
Aisslinger Wernarr 17
Demoura Zodd 18
Charlotte Cuulhourne 20
Abirama Redder 22
Findorr Calius 24
Choe Neng Poww 25
Ggio Vega 26
Nirgge Parduoc 27
Loly Aivirrne 33
Menoly Mallia 34
Kukkapuuro 35
Pesche Guatiche 41
Dondochakka Birstanne 42
Tesra Lindocruz 50
Emilou Apacci 54
Franceska Mila-Rose 55
Cyan Sung-Sun 56
Rudbornn Chelute 61
Wonderweiss Margela 77

Charlotte Chuhlhourne
Special Note:

艶やかな長髪がエクステンションではなく地毛なのは周知の事実。ストレートパーマをかければより美しくなる 、というのは素人考えで、エキゾチックな地毛を活かすのが真の美しさ、とのこと。
It is a well-known fact that the beautiful long hair isn't an extension but real hair. It is an amateur's thinking that if you apply straight permanent wave you will become beautiful, the real beauty is to make use of one's own exotic hair.

Tier Harribel
Special Note:

その一方で、フラシオンであるリリネットと良好な関係を築いているスタークには、心のどこかで 、一目を置い ているらしい。
Starting off with Szayelaporro (she→Harribel) detests the Espada who don't respect the Fracción for what they are.
But on the other hand she acknowledges Starrk who has a good relationship towards his Fracción Lilynette somewhere in her heart.

ヤミーの傍らに寄り添う破面。それは、十刃の誰よりも強く、十刃の誰よりも弱い男の全てを知る 、唯一無二の 存在。
Arrancar that snuggles besides Yammy. He is unique being who knows everything about the Espada's stronges and the Espada's weakest man.

今際の際のヤミーの眼前に佇む。憎まれ口を叩く彼であったが、その最期にはどこか安堵の色と窺 えるものが―。
>Standing before Yammy's eyes at his dying moments. He was insulted with offensive language, but at the last moments somewhere a colour of relief is able to peek..

Kaname Tosen
Special Note:

東仙 にのみ心を開いていたワンターワイス。
それは、匿逢の目的を遂けるためだけに生み出された彼にも、種めて曹通に接していた東仙 の八格からきている様子。
It says something about Wonderweiss being open minded to Tosen and being create to accomplish Aizen's goal.

Gin Ichimaru

FACT 1: 崩玉の犠牲
FACT 1: The Hogyoku's Sacrifice
幼い頃のギンが目撃した、 乱菊と死神との情景。 網膜に焼き付いたそれは、 ギンを 「崩玉 」 という  ”答え” へと導く―――。
As a child, Gin saw something: an event with Rangiku and some Soul Reapers. Gin burned this image into his retinas, concluding that the 「Hogyoku」 would lead him to some "answers".
焼け廃れた廃屋の前に横たわる乱菊。 どれだけの被害を被ったのか。
Scorched to death, Rangiku was laying outside an abandoned house. She had suffered some serious damage.

FACT 2: 親玉
FACT 2: The Boss
黒き玉に何かを捧げる ”親玉”。 見るからに首謀者と分かるその男に、 ギンは燃えたぎる復 讐を心に燃や す。
The black ball was given to their "boss". The mastermind behind what had transpired was now in plain sight. Gin's heart fired up, boiling for revenge.

FACT 3: 死神
FACT 3: Soul Reaper
慎ましくも平穏な日々を送っていたギンと乱菊。 しかし、 ギンは復讐心を胸に、 あの男と同 じ死神になる 決意を固め?立つ
Gin and Rangiku spent their days together modestly and peacefully. However, Gin held revenge in his heart, determined to stand as a Soul Reaper alongside that man.

Sousuke Aizen
「崩玉」 を従え超越した力を手に入れた統率者
尸魂界を裏切った元五番隊隊長。空座町とそこに住む人間の魂魄を使って ”王鍵” を創生しいうと画策した 。また「崩玉」 を自身に取り込み、全てを超越した ”存在” へとその身を変貌た。
Leader who obtainded transcended power by accompanying 「Hogyoku」.
Former captain of the 5th division who betrayed Soul Society. He planned to use the souls of the humans living in Karakura city to create "The King's Key". By taking 「Hogyoku」 within himself his body transformed entirely to a transcended "being".

(Upper picture, Harribel in the picture)

>Even the Espada who were formed by himself weren't more than time-buying chess pieces. Cut down when they had served their purpose.

^藍染が雄弁に弄する挑発。どこまでが ? で、何が真実なのか―。その真実に気付いた刻には、もう手遅れ―。
Aizen uses words to provoke. I can't read one kanji so I can't translate this sentence. >.> Something like.. "What is the truth.. when you realize the truth, it's already too late...

Special Note:
対峙する相手を圧倒的に打ち負かすことができるのは、相手の全てを瞬時に見極められるため。そ れは護廷十三 隊時から続く藍染の稀有な才能。
Aizen's verbal battle tactics are good.
Can overwhelmingly defeat face to face standing opponent, sees through all opponents in an instant. That is Aizen's rare ability since his time at the Gotei 13.

Fusion with Hogyoku

「崩玉」を己の体内に取り込んだ藍染。「崩玉」が藍染の意志―狙いを理解するにつれ、その ” 主” である藍染の姿は僅かな間に五度も変容した。ここにその全ってを詳解する。
Aizen who took 「Hogyoku」 within his body. 「Hogyoku」 is Aizen's will - as it understood Aizen more, it changed it's master's, Aizen's, appearance 5 times. All of that is detaily explained here.

The First Fusion

「崩玉」 を己の身体に取り込むことで手に入れた力。
Ichigo cut a wound on Aizen but he returned to his normal by high speed regenerating. That which was thought to be hollow's power was a power obtained from putting Hogyoku inside his body.

^(Upper picture) これまでも藍染の望みを実らせてきた「崩玉」。今、何かが起こる。
Hogyoku has let Aizen's wish bear fruit so far. Now something happens.

v(Lower) 胸の中央に確と埋められた 「崩玉」。大きな力を放出し、更なる変容の刻を迎える―。
Hogyoku firmly covering the middle of chest. Large power is released and moment of further changing appearance approached.

The Second Fusion

浦原が放つ鬼道の攻撃を物ともせず、「崩玉」 の大いなる力は藍染を包み込み、全身を覆った。それは繭に包 まれた蛹の姿に似て―。
In spite of attacks Urahara fires Kido, Hogyoku's large power wraps up Aizen covering the whole body. It wraped him in a cocoon which looks like a chrysalis.

^(Aizen)攻撃を ”理解” はできるが傷を負うことはない。対峙しても、同じ目線に在 らず。
Can "understand" an attack but not sustain a wound. Confronting but not on the same point of view. (..?)

^(Yoruichi)かわすのではなく受け止め、反撃の余裕もあるのに手を出さない。究極の 余裕。
Instead of dodging the blow is stopped, there isn't room for a counter-attack. Ultimate composure. (..I think >.>)

^(Isshin)藍染の力は膨れ上がり、一心たちは既に感知できない。唯一感じ取れるイチゴですら、闘志 を?われる程。
Aizen's power swells up, Isshin and the others are already unable to perceive it. (Can't read one kanji..)

The Third Fusion

頭部を覆っていた外殻が崩れ、再び出現した藍染の顔。そこは黒目と白目が反転した特異な瞳があった。更なる 高みへの到達を実感し、理の果てへ進む。
Head covering shell collapses and releveals Aizen's face once again. His eye colors are unique and reversed. Having a feeling that he has reached even higher, Aizen goes towards reason's horizon.

^(koutotsu)藍染は、己の力が理さえ凌駕することを誇示するため、時間と空間を司る ”拘突”  を容赦なく破壊する。
Aizen mercilessly destroys "Koutotsu", the administer of the time and space, to display that his own power is superior.

<ギンの 「神殺鎗」 は 「崩玉」 を埋めた藍染の胸を貫き、猛毒までその身体に遺した。  しかし―。
Gin's Kamishini no Yari goes through Hogyoku covered Aizen's chest leaving deadly poison behind. However ---.

The Fourth Fusion

「崩玉」が抜き取られても、藍染はなおも変化を続ける。胸に空いた孔には 「崩玉」 をはめる十字の柱が慄 然と出現する。
Hogyoku is pulled out but Aizen still continues transforming. Hogyoku's cross shaped hole in chest makes appearance horrifying.

^(left picture)強過ぎる霊圧は感じ取れない。それを先に証明したのは、藍染だった―
One of the most powerful reiatsu couldn't be felt. Aizen was a proof of that earlier.

^(right)ギンの手中にある 「崩玉」 が吸い込まれ、胸の十字の中心に。そこか正しい位置だと訴え るが如く。
Hogyoku is absorbed from Gin's hand to the cross on the center of chest. Aizen says it it the right location for Hogyoku.

The Final Fusion

一護に遅れを感じたその刻、最後の変容を遂げる。全てを超越したその姿は、死神でも虚でもない、異形の姿だ った。
Feeling that he is falling behind Ichigo, Aizen achieves his final change of appearance. The apparence of a being transcending everything isn't like a shinigami's or a hollow's, the apparance is strange-looking.

Face has changed to jet black, 3 holes appeared in body and 6 faces posessing wings appeared.

>(left picture)羽根状の藍染の ”一部” に付いた顏部と思しきものから、「フラゴール」 が放たれる。
A face attached to Aizen's wing shaped part 「Fragor」 is firing.


FACT 1: 神の高みへ
FACT 1: The Heights of God
藍染は霊王になり代わり、新しい世界を創造する。 その崇高な目的を果たす "使者" として 、 自分は神 の域にある存在という意識が芽生えた。
Aizen wanted to become the Spirit King and create a brand new world. He wanted to become a divine "messenger" and make those under His domain become aware of His presence.

FACT 2: 孤独
FACT 2: Loneliness
誰よりも強かった藍染は、 誰にも理解されこと無い孤独の世界を抱えていた。 強き者故の孤独 は深く、 哀 しい。
Aizen was stronger than anybody else, and because of this, he was lonely and misunderstood by everyone. The loneliness that came with this strong isolation was very deep, and very sad.

Ulquiorra Cifer:
Special Note:
His special note talked about his 2nd release, Segunda Etapa that he was the only Espada & Arrancar reaching that stage of level. He didn't show his Segunda Etapa form to Aizen who he swore loyalty though. It's because he realized the outside appearance was the original form of his clan[*], that form of Ulquiorra became the origin of his own "nothingness" unconsciously.

T/N: I think he talked about his 2nd release appearance where his body was covered in his black reiatsu and black fur which was similar to those hollow appeared in his backstory that he called them his "clan" (I mean "same kind" of him). And the "true despair" form of Ulquiorra was a original symbol for his aspect of death "nihilism", his view of world as "nothingness", I think. Thinking about if he wasn't depressed about the meaningless world, he wouldn't have such devilish release form.

Part of the Death Figure:
[Subtitle of the panel]
Whether it's because of him who was born to win or the mission isn't accomplished, he disappeared into the buried light. The pride as an Espada lets his thought/desire accelerate more.

[Description in the tombstone]
He found no value and meaning in everything and this word, with no purpose there is nothing. As a result, he continue seeking out “something” to bury the infinite impartiality in----

[Section Title]

(The bond that ULQUIORRA spun)

WITH Orihime

Treating ORIHIME as AIZEN’s “property”.
While coming contact (touch) (with Orihime), he came to understand “heart” which is non-comprehensible in any sense, and understood it deeply (came close to grasp) before long.

[Subtitle on the hand reach panel]
On the verge of exhausting his life force, an extending hand reached out, let one's “heart” be this person (human) in this hand---

Ulquiorra's comic:
[Page 1]
not be, but be

[Page 2]
What is there, over there?

[Page 3]
There is nothing

[Page 4]
I was born at the bottom of a pit where no light shone.

As if pressed together by the darkness
Uncertain of what to become
Born under those dark, dark sediments

I had a white form
My comrades were all in pure black

In those black forms, with their eyes shining and teeth baring, they were certainly eating something.
And then...

[Page 5]
There was nothing to me, except my eyes.

[[The other hollows wanted to attack/eat ulquiorra but he killed them all and climbed out of that pit himself]]

[Page 6]
I felt nothing
No, rather
It was possible that what I felt was "void", yet
I could hear nothing,
I could bite nothing
I could smell nothing
I could feel nothing as I touch
I could not rest
I had no companion

Just walking, alone

The things reflected in my eyes have no meaning
The things that could not be reflected in my eyes, do not exist.

[Page 7]
When I had arrived at that thought
I have found something extraordinary

It was, somewhat, the place of birth for those strange, translucent objects that dotted this world.
It was the first time my eyes have been captured.

With no colour,
With no sound,
With no scent,
Does not interact with anything,
It only exists there.

It was the closest existence to "void" that I had ever laid eyes on.

[Page 8]
I sank my body into that great "void"

There was nothing there,
Even I had lost my line of vision, and dissolved into the void,
And felt as if everything had disappeared.


[Page 9]
Orihime: Wah! You scared me!
I was going to wake you up, but you're awake. I got surprised.
But I was relieved, to know that Ulquiorra-kun could actually sleep

Ulquiorra: .........It's Ulquiorra.

[Page 10]
Ulquiorra: Don't refer to me as you would a human, I said.
When you call me, call me "Ulquiorra"
Call me only that.

If such a thing called happiness exists in this world, it should be something which resembles the limitless nothingness.
Nihility is having nothing, and having nothing to lose.
If that isn't "happiness", then what is?

The things reflected in my eyes have no meaning
The things that could not be reflected in my eyes, do not exist.

[Page 11]
There is nothing

In you

And in me.


Thank you everyone for the translations.

Leave me a message if there's anything to be added or corrected.
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